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February 2018 Immersion and Leadership with Business Chicks and The Hunger Project

I was extremely fortunate to have been accepted into the 2018 Leadership Program with The Hunger Project. I travelled to Senegal, Africa in February. It was a life changing experience. My focus last year was on raising funds which will go directly to the people and the community of Senegal.

The Hunger Project work to break the cycle of poverty, believing that the hungry people themselves are not the problem, but the solution to ending hunger. They support, empower and teach women in starving communities to become powerful leaders and to develop their own solutions to ending poverty and hunger in their communities.

The approach on the ground sees the once coined ‘hungry, poor and non-literate’ as the key resource in ending hunger and poverty. With all the reasons why it’s not possible, the poorest of the poor are rethinking what is possible. They may be non-literate, but they are getting water to their villages, stopping child marriages and creating new businesses. They are achieving results in the harshest of conditions.

At work in more than 24,000 villages and reaching approximately 35 million people, The Hunger Project takes a highly strategic approach to leadership, sustainability, education, training and the empowerment of people, in particular, the women, so that communities become self-reliant.


The Hunger Project believe that the most outstanding examples of courageous and effective leadership producing transformational outcomes today are happening in the remote, rural villages where they work. The Hunger Project has discovered how to unlock capacity and their Leadership Programs give access and insights into what is possible once leadership has been kindled.


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